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You can find ordinary anywhere. You will find special here.
Millions and millions of hanging beads. More Millions. Museum inside the store. Who knew a Smithsonian? Inside the store King of the Beads at GIA


Our Gemstone bead inventory is known to be one of the highest quality found anywhere.

Our Gemologist Appraiser has over 4 decades experience with gems direct from our mine sources around the world, through cutting and grading in major gem capitols – to personal selection of the most interesting, highest quality materials for you, our customers and friends.

We buy only the best materials, from the nicest people at the best prices – so we can consistently honor our quest for the best. Our inventory is huge – both with thousands of strands and millions of loose beads – to fill your creative and jewelry needs. We feature both high-end designer goodies and baubles to wonderful bargain material selected with equal care. From pennies to priceless we select for you as if we are buying for our own family. You can find ordinary anywhere – we want you to enjoy selecting quality, affordable merchandise when you visit us, a place where the discriminating buyer is satisfied. Our purchasing criteria philosophy is that we will only buy and offer for sale those items that we ourselves would wish to gift to our loved. This has allowed us to remain true to our mission of helping our customers find ‘Special’ even in seemingly ordinary items. Everything in our inventory is hand picked by our very picky gemologist who screens for the best of the best in quality and value.

Our story begins over 40 years ago when Phil Fischman was working in a bead store in Tucson Arizona and fell in love with a blue Chevron bead, which in his words “Opened up my little mind” and it has never closed since. Synchronicity came years later, in the form of trying to finish a gift of love for his wife Valeri, but was missing a small item to complete the project. He walked into the local bead store to replenish his stock of headpins, and fate stepped in to find the store was half empty and about to close their doors. On a leap of faith, they put their savings into buying the store and found their vision and passion. Since that time, we have amassed an impressive selection of beads, mineral and crystal specimens, findings, precious and non-precious metals and other supplies. Incorporating philosophies of joyful abundance and offering customers the special and unusual has found a ready audience for quality and diversity.

The mission statement and business philosophy of is “To sell love, joy and light in the form of a bead”. This along with our philosophy and practice regarding our line of products is that “You can find ordinary everywhere, you will find special here”. Excellent Customer Service is the guiding principle of our success. Ways of being are incorporated into our way of doing business, things like “Pay it forward” which instills extending generosity of goods and services as well as giving gifts to clients planting seeds for positive future encounters.

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